GOP lawmakers accuse Pelosi of breaking House rules requiring going through metal detectors

GOP lawmakers are accusing Pelosi of breaking House rules that require going through a metal detector to enter the House chamber.

Republicans on the House Administration Committee sent a letter to Acting Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett with the complaint and calling for Pelosi to be fined.

The group wrote “yesterday, at approximately 9:59 am, multiple members observed the Speaker of the House entering the House Chamber without completing security screening.”

They add “what was observed was a clear violation of House Resolution 73 and you are required by House  Rules to impose this fine. Please inform us once the fine has been assessed. We look forward to a prompt response to this inquiry.”

Blodgett responded “House Sergeant at Arms imposes the fine after receiving an unusual occurrence report from the United States Capitol Police (USCP). An unusual incident report from the Capitol Police is appended to the document sent to the Member providing notice of the fine.”

“Only the USCP can determine whether an individual has failed to complete security screening as only the USCP has sufficient training to determine compliance with USCP screening procedures. I have directed that the USCP produce and provide unusual incident reports on any individual who fails to complete security screening without exception. I have not received any unusual incident report from the USCP concerning the Speaker of the House,” he added.

Meanwhile, Friday, two GOP lawmakers, Texas Republican Louie Gohmert and Georgia Republican Andrew Clyde were issued $5,000 fines for bypassing metal detectors while entering the House chamber.

Tuesday, the House had voted to establish the fine which includes $5k for the first time offender followed by $10k for the second offense.

Pelosi said “It is beyond comprehension why any member would refuse to adhere to these simple, commonsense steps to keep this body safe. It is sad that we have been forced to move forward with a rule change imposing fines on those who refuse to abide by these protections, but the People’s House must and will be safe, so that we can honor our responsibility to do the People’s work.”