GOP Bill would allow banning U.S. land purchases by foreigners for 5 years

A bill being pushed by Republicans Louis Gohmert and Mary Miller would allow the banning of foreigners from purchasing land in the U.S. for 5 years.

The stated purpose would be to stop “American sovereignty” from being “eroded.”

Per Breitbart, who obtained the text of the bill “the legislation, named the “National Security Moratorium on Foreign Purchases of U.S. Land” would give the president power to prohibit the purchase of public or private real estate in the U.S. “by any foreign person” for the five-year period after the enactment of the law.”

The report continues “the bill defines a “foreign person” as “any foreign national, foreign government, or foreign entity; or any entity over which control is exercised or exercisable by a foreign national, foreign government, or foreign entity.” The ban would also extend to any corporation, partnership, or other association created under the laws of a foreign country.”

“Subsequently, the Comptroller General of the U.S. would be required to submit a report to Congress six months after the enactment of the bill detailing the history of foreign public and private real estate purchases located in the U.S. The Comptroller General would also be required to make recommendations as to how “to make it easier for United States citizens and harder for foreign persons to purchase real estate located in the United States, including farm land,” and to provide a percentage of real estate located in the U.S. that is owned by foreign persons,” the report adds.