Google slammed with lawsuit from 36 states

Attorneys generals from 36 states and Washington D.C. have brought on an antitrust suit against Tech Giant Google.

The suit accuses Google of anti-competitive behavior and working to undermine alternative app stores available on Android devices.

Google has called the suit “meritless”, claiming it was not about “helping the little guy.”

Per MSN:

The move comes six months after a coalition of 48 states lodged an antitrust complaint over the tech giant’s online advertising practices, accusing it of engaging in anticompetitive behavior by abusing its dominance in online ad sales.

The new suit, filed in the California federal court, is just the latest in a series of ongoing antitrust actions taken against tech firms by authorities in the US and Europe.

It claims that Google controls 90% of the market for Android apps, and accuses the tech giant of working to undermine competing app stores (such as Samsung’s Galaxy Store), and refusing to let other app stores advertise on its search engine or YouTube.

At the same time, Google faces a lawsuit from former President Trump who announced he was suing the tech giant this week.