Goodwin: Rising crime rate could hurt Biden in presidential race

Monday, host of “The Portal” Eric Weinstein wrote:

A surprising number of Left-leaning people are confiding to me that they are planning to vote for Trump for two different stated leading reasons:

A) Biden’s Mental decline.

B) What is happening in the Pacific Northwest w Democratic Mayors/Govenors experimenting w non-policing.

A new Op-Ed by Michael Goodwin argues Biden may indeed pay a political price for the chaos.


By Michael Goodwin | New York Post

From sea to shining sea, crime is surging and gunfire rings throughout the night. In some cities, anarchists smash windows and set fires, aiming to set up autonomous zones.

In response, President Trump threatens to dispatch federal troops unless local officials stop the chaos. In their response to him, Democratic governors and mayors tell the president to buzz off.

Oregon’s attorney general even sues to stop Homeland Security agents from making arrests in riot-torn Portland, and Mayor Bill de Blasio promises the feds would get the same rude welcome in Gotham.

“If he tried to do it, it would only create more problems,” de Blasio said. “We would immediately take action in court to stop it.”

Welcome to states’ rights circa 2020, when lawbreakers are the new protected class. And they say Trump is the one who violates national norms!

The gigantic protests that followed the alleged police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 mostly petered out, but the violent fringe appears to be growing. Yet instead of asking for help to protect their citizens and keep order, Dem officials are forming a protective circle around the mobs.

This extraordinary maneuver echoes efforts in the segregated South five decades ago to stop the feds from enforcing civil rights laws. While it is suddenly popular now with the activist left, it’s hard to see how the strategy retains support if the disorder spreads. At some point, even the wokest Dem is going to get tired of sirens in the night and stepping over broken glass in the morning.

More broadly, the defense of the mobs puts presidential nominee Joe Biden in yet another bind. The fact that he seems to be a mute bystander on the issue is a sign of his fundamental weakness.

Trying to keep the party intact by adopting some of the far left’s policies without losing his relatively moderate base, Biden already yielded large pieces of turf to the Green New Dealers. He’s been dodgy about the radicals’ “defund the police” movement, saying only that he wants to “redirect” some police funds to social service programs.

Now comes the added burden of having his ostensible allies tacitly endorse violence and lawbreaking as legitimate forms of protest. Sure, they hate Trump, but do they really want to see their cities made unlivable to prove it?

And while the Dems don’t want to dampen the anti-Trump enthusiasm of their young voters, they will hand the president four more years if the disorder alienates middle-class voters in swing states.

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