Goldman Sachs Unveils Gender-Pronouns Initiative Including “Ze,” “Zir” and “Zemself”

Famed investment bank Goldman Sachs is calling on their employees to use gender neutral pronouns as a new company-wide initiative.

Per Goldman Sach’s careers blog. 

Goldman Sachs has launched an internal campaign centered around gender identity and pronouns, seeking to provide education on what the different types of pronouns are, guidance for the way to use them and offering new avenues for our people to proactively self-identify.

Examples are given of gender-neural pronouns including Ze / Zir / Zem / Zirs / Zes / Zirself and Zemself.

According to the Goldman Sachs site, learning and utilizing these gender neutral pronouns as part of understanding gender identity are key to being an “inclusive ally.”

Goldman Sachs also urges employees to

“Proactively share your pronouns to foster an environment of respect and awareness” (ex: “Hi, I’m Karen! My pronouns are she/ hers. Welcome to the team!”).

You can read more about Goldman’s initiative here.