GoFundMe Set Up for Teacher Who LOST HER JOB for Being Conservative

A GoFundMe has been set up for a teacher who lost her job for being conservative.

You can visit the gofundme here. 

The GoFundMe reads:

Last weekend,  Dr. Karen Siegemund,  President of the American Freedom Alliance,  hosted an incredible day-long conference detailing the radical left’s “Long March through the Institutions.” The very next day, she was informed that her contract as a high school math teacher wouldn’t be renewed, citing  her political views.

One day she’s informing about the Long March, and the next, she’s a casualty of it.

This independent school in Los Angeles blatantly let Karen go, an excellent and beloved teacher, because she believes in the promise of America and the treasure that is Western Civilization.   Don’t believe us?   This was cited as one of the reasons for letting her go:

“…one of your speeches as the leader of the American Freedom Alliance states: ‘Each of us here, believes in the unparalleled force for good that is Western Civilization, that is OUR heritage, whether we were born here or not.’ ”

This was deemed to be somehow hostile.   Imagine that.

Karen lost her job because she was “teaching while conservative.”  As many many others have.

How is this happening? How have we allowed it to get this far?  The Long March conference on Sunday revealed exactly how.  But the time to stop it is NOW.

Friends, Karen is not backing down, she is doubling down.  Because what just happened to Karen happens to so many of us, every day, all the time.

We are raising money to help Karen fight back against this injustice.

Karen has made it her mission to fight back against this ongoing persecution.  Help Karen use her voice to amplify others who do not have a voice. Let’s turn this injustice into a victory for Karen, and for the many like her who are being shunned from institutions based solely on their political views.  “Teaching while conservative” – doing ANYTHING while conservative, can’t be a reason for their shutting us out.

Your donation  will support her fight against this unfair termination, and will contribute to a variety of tactics we’ll be using to put an end to this persecution.  What are these tactics?  We’re exploring them now but ideas include  lawfare, creating an organization to support conservative teachers and others shut out from civic space because of our views, documenting other incidents such as Karen’s where the excellence of a teacher takes a back seat to the real mission of too many schools: indoctrination and enforcement of groupthink.  And donations will, of course, show support to those who are shut out of the civic arena because of their political views that are as basic as a love of America.

Donate and be part of the fight against the persecution, and of the fight FOR freedom.

From WND

Now you can be ousted from your job just for holding traditional, conservative American political views.

It’s happened to Dr. Karen Siegemund, president of the American Freedom Alliance, who was booted from her math-teaching position at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a private K-12 school in southern California.

The school explained, according to a GoFundMe page set up on Siegemund’s behalf, ” … [O]ne of your speeches as the leader of the American Freedom Alliance states: ‘Each of us here, believes in the unparalleled force for good that is Western Civilization, that is OUR heritage, whether we were born here or not.’”

“Karen lost her job because she was ‘teaching while conservative,’” said Michael Greer, who set up the page to help the teacher fight back.

Siegemund’s plight has caught the attention of right-leaning figures across America.

Dave Sussman at Ricochet opined: “Keep in mind, this is an institution of learning where teachers are allowed to wear ‘Resist’ t-shirts in the classroom.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had Siegemund as his guest on a recent television show.

“It’s kind of shocking, isn’t it,” the 20-year teaching veteran told Huckabee.

“Because of my outside activities, I was told my contract would not be renewed. I praised Western Civilization, and how it’s brought the greatest good to the most number of people, and we are all its beneficiaries, including those not even from here, and that was deemed hostile.”

Huckabee seemed incredulous at the reason for Siegemund’s ouster.

“Surely you did not just get fired just because you believe in Western Civilization?” he pressed.

“No, I did,” she replied.