GoFundMe ripped after changing course on redistributing Freedom Convoy funds amid legal threats

GoFundMe has changed course on redistributing millions in donations meant for the Ottawa Freedom Convoy to other charities amid threats of lawsuits.

However, millions raised for the cause will not go to the founders but instead automatically refunded.

GoFundMe tweeted “To simplify the process for our users, we will be refunding all donations to the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser. This refund will happen automatically—you do not need to submit a request. Donors can expect to see refunds within 7-10 business days.”

“The update we issued earlier enabled all donors to get a refund and outlined a plan to distribute remaining funds to verified charities selected by the Freedom Convoy organizers. However, due to donor feedback, we are simplifying the process and automatically refunding donations,” they added.

Arthur Schwartz replied ‘”Due to donor feedback?” Liars. It was due to half a dozen Republican state AGs threatening to sue you back to the Stone Age. I hope they still do.”‘

Calving Robinson replied:

Damn right.

If you are not prepared to release the funds to the group they were donated to – the truckers – of course you should refund them.

The audacity to think you had any right to redistribute the money elsewhere. Exploding head

I hope this political decision affects your business.

Elon Musk shared a meme comparing GoFundMe to “Professional Thieves.”

DeSantis tweeted Saturday morning:

It is a fraud for @gofundme to commandeer $9M in donations sent to support truckers and give it to causes of their own choosing.

I will work with @AGAshleyMoody to investigate these deceptive practices — these donors should be given a refund.