Girl Gets EPIC White House Surprise After School Told Her She Can’t Make Trump Her Hero

After allegedly being denied the opportunity to use President Trump as her “hero” for a recent school project, 11-year-old sixth-grade student Bella Moscato got an unexpected surprise in the mail from the White House, including a letter from Trump, himself.

Bella, who says “Donald Trump is my hero,” reported being told by her teacher that she could not use the president for the project, and told the class Trump “spreads negativity, and says bad stuff about women.”

Bella’s parents, Valerie and Arthur, have been met with denials from the school district, and have since seen their daughter’s story go viral – going so far as to catch the attention of President Trump, himself.

For Bella, the surprise package from the White House, complete with a signed letter from President Trump, is a memory that will last a lifetime.