Ginsburg Rejects Trump’s Suggestion the SCOTUS Could Intervene on Impeachment

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has made it clear she does not agree with President Trump’s suggestion that the highest court could stop impeachment.

WWD reports on the subject of Trump’s potential impeachment, Ginsburg was asked what she thought of Trump’s tweet stating the Supreme Court should intervene to stop the impeachment.

“The president is not a lawyer,” Ginsburg replied. “He’s not law-trained. But the truth is, the judiciary is a reactive institution. We don’t have a program, we don’t have an agenda. We react to what’s out there.”

Earlier this month, President Trump tweeted:

Just landed in the United Kingdom, heading to London for NATO meetings tomorrow. Prior to landing I read the Republicans Report on the Impeachment Hoax. Great job! Radical Left has NO CASE. Read the Transcripts. Shouldn’t even be allowed. Can we go to Supreme Court to stop?

Last month, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized after experiencing chills and fever. Ginsburg is 86 years old, leading many to speculate on her health.

In October, Ginsburg received a $1 million dollar $1 million Berggruen Prize after she was chosen out of a pool of 500 nominees.

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