Ginsburg Reacts to McConnell Saying “I’m not an impartial juror” on Impeachment

Supreme Court Justice expressed disapproval at Republican Senators who said they would not be “impartial” on the Senate impeachment trial including Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.

“I’m not an impartial juror,” the Senate majority leader said Tuesday after a reporter asked him what his message is to Americans who might have concerns about his ability to be impartial during the anticipated Trump trial.

“This is a political process. This is not anything judicial about it,” the Kentucky Republican continued.

“Impeachment is a political decision. The House made a partisan political decision to impeach,” he said. “I would anticipate we will have a largely partisan outcome in the Senate. I’m not impartial about this at all.”

Per Western Journal RBG, meanwhile, said that she thought that there should only  be “impartial jurors” during an impeachment hearings. “The House indicts, and the Senate tries. Should a trier be impartial? Of course, that’s the job of an impartial judge,” she said during an interview with the BBC before Trump’s impeachment.

However, the BBC’s Razia Iqbal said that it was “problematic” some senators had already said they’d made up their mind.

“Well, if a judge said that, a judge would be disqualified from sitting on the case,” Ginsburg said.

Well, senators aren’t judges, they’re jurors, if you want to use this labored metaphor. Beyond that, however, the same rule applies to jurors. So does this mean Mitch McConnell has disqualified himself?

Only if every almost every other senator disqualifies himself, too.

Per HotAir, “Justice Ginsburg exercised terrible judgment in this interview,” says law prof Josh Blackman today at the Volokh Conspiracy of the BBC interview below, and not just because of the part where she hints at senators being disqualified. She also goes on to say in response to a comment by Trump that SCOTUS might review impeachment, “The President is not a lawyer, he’s not law trained,” her way of politely calling Trump an ignoramus.