Ginsburg Places Temporary Block on Two Banks from Disclosing Trump’s Financial Records

The Supreme Court has granted President Trump’s request to temporarily block two banks from disclosing his financial records.

Trump had asked the Supreme Court to block House Democrats’ subpoenas to Deutsche Bank & Capital One seeking his financial documents. Two lower courts ruled against Trump before it was escalated to the SCOTUS.

USAToday reports President Donald Trump on Friday turned to the Supreme Court for the third time in an effort to prevent disclosure of his financial records. And, in an order issued Friday evening by Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the high court granted Trump’s emergency request submitted earlier in the day.

Trump’s personal lawyers filed an emergency action that asked the high court to block the impact of a lower appeals court ruling issued roughly 72 hours earlier. That ruling said he must turn over a broad range of financial records two committees in the Democratically-controlled House subpoenaed from a pair of banks that have done business with Trump.

Hours later, the Supreme Court stayed the appeals court ruling until Dec. 13, and directed the House committees to file their legal arguments in response to Trump’s by Dec. 11.

Trump’s lawyers sought the temporary block of the decision by the New York-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit  in order to have sufficient time to argue for a full review by the high court in the separation-of-powers legal battle between Congress and the president.

Trump had needed to act fast in asking the Supreme Court to intercede. His lawyers said the appeals court issued its legal mandate before the presidential legal team could seek a rehearing. That left Supreme Court action as Trump’s last chance to seek a temporary legal block that would prevent an immediate release of his financial records.