“Get off our lawn” Many Democrats React to Trump’s RNC Speech With Anger

Democrats reacted to President Trump’s RNC Speech Thursday night with anger.

“Get off our lawn” tweeted Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Pete Buttigieg wrote “The words “law and order” do not belong on the lips of a president whose orbit accounts for a record number of indictments, guilty pleas, and convictions.”

Alyssa Milano claimed “Suburban moms are terrified of Trump.”

Claire McCaskill tweeted “My blood is boiling over political banners at the White House. Awful. Just awful.”

Ilhan Omar wrote “Many of Trump’s associates have been convicted of felonies, his supporters have killed people, incited terror and inspired militias. He isn’t for abiding the law or respecting order. He is for power and control, just like the dictators he loves to praise.”