Geraldo now says he’s no longer “pondering” a Senate run, explains why he changed his mind

Wow. That sure was fast.

Wednesday, Geraldo Rivera tweeted “Pondering running for retiring @senrobportman seat in United States Senate. #GoBuckeyes

The support behind the idea was less than overwhelming among Trump supporters.

Now, Geraldo appears to already be giving up on the idea.

Geraldo explained why he changed his mind while on Fox and friends saying “Well you know what happens? You wake up, you have a dream and the thing is you probably should keep your dream to yourself. Instead I started talking to Erica [Rivera’s wife] about it, we both got very enthusiastic. We really do think that I’m a moderate Republican. We can do something in a state like Ohio.”

“The reaction, the initial vibe was great but it was also much more overwhelming than I ever expected, Fox freaked out, you know, said pick a lane, are you a journalist or a politician and I wasn’t ready to, you know, jump off my current turn-style, so, instead I had to kind of embarrass myself and say never mind,” he added.