Georgia shop blasted after trying to charge only white people a $20 deposit to shop

Civvies on Broughton in Savannah, a shop in Georgia is apologizing and reversing their policy that caused a social media firestorm.

The store had enacted a policy where they would charge only white people a $20 deposit to shop, while that fee was waived for customers of color.

Store manager Raine Blunk said “obviously it is unfortunate to have thousands of people commenting and messaging us saying that they are going to sue us and have contacted the department of labor because this is a violation of their rights.”

Blunk, however had claimed the policy was legal and initially defended it.

The store has no changed course, apologizing on Facebook and writing:

Statement from the owners: “It was not our intention to act in any way that might be perceived as discriminatory and for that we apologize.”

Posts were deleted on request of Civvies ownership, not management.

Management will receive comments on this post and in our DMs.

Thank you.

One Facebook user replied “Doing things that you think are anti-racist are actually blatantly racist. Wake up morons. You owned yourselves. Hard.”