Georgia Dem Lawmaker May Have Been Lying About “Racist” Attack

A viral tweet from a Democrat lawmaker Erica Thomas claiming a man told he to “go back to where you came from” is being disputed by the man she accused.

Eric Sparkles says he criticized her because she had way more items than the express check out limit and did not make any racial remarks whatsoever.

In addition, in an interview Sparkles revealed he’s Cuban, not white, making the charge that he’s a “racist white man” ridiculous to him.

From DailyCaller

A Georgia state lawmaker appears to have been caught lying about her allegation that she was told to “go to back to where you came from” by a white customer in an Atlanta grocery store.

On Friday, Erica Thomas, a Democrat, alleged that a “white man” called her a “lazy son of a b*tch” and told her to “go back” to where she came from.

On the same day Thomas detailed the alleged encounter in a Facebook live video. She opened up by saying, “People are getting really out of control with this white privilege stuff.”

On Sunday, Eric Sparkes stepped forwarded and claimed he was the man that Thomas was referring to in the grocery store. He denied ever making any racially charged insults towards Thomas and said he only called her a “lazy b*itch” because she had too many items in the express checkout lane.

“I’m a liar about what?” Thomas said while yelling at Sparkes, who were both being interviewed by local media.

“Everything that happened,” Sparkes responded. “Me telling you to ‘Go back where you came from.’ Did I say that? Is it on video?”

“Are you serious? What did you say to me then,” Thomas asked.

“I called you a lazy b*tch,” Sparkes answered. “That’s the worst thing I said.”