George Takei weighs in on Ginsburg “The way to honor her life and her legacy is to respect her dying wish”

Actor George Takei has weighed in on what should happen following Ginsburg’s death. Not surprisingly, Takei’s suggestion falls in line with the Democrat’s party line at the moment, which is that Ginsburg’s replacement should be nominated after the election.

The “Star Trek actor” tweeted “The way to honor her life and her legacy is to respect her dying wish, which was to ask that her seat not be filled until a new president is sworn in.”

He added “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, for all you have given us all these decades, I stand ready to fight for your final request.”

Some who replied to Takei lamented that it would not be that easy in reality.

One Twitter user wrote “Except that Mitch McConnell is not going to follow that wish and instead will ram a new Justice through nomination and confirmation before January. And I think he has the votes to do it.”

Another wrote “It’s so freaking sad that we had to fight for a warranted seat in 2016 and McTurtle shuts it down. That was with 9 mos until the election not just over 9 weeks! They CANT GET THIS SEAT!!”

Liz Smith replied “How do we effectively do this?!?!? I am ready to fight. Just tell me how!”