George Takei Claims Trump Supporters are Unwittingly Helping to Destroy America

Actor and anti-Trump activist George Takei caused a stir after claiming on Twitter that Trump supporters are unwittingly helping to destroy America.

The 82 year old tweeted:

The thing about Trump voters is that they do not even realize they are enabling the desolation of our Republic. They somehow think they are preserving America, but in fact they are helping destroy it. And that is a tragedy of enormous scope.

Takei’s supporters quickly chimed in.

Eileen Granfors agreed and blamed “Fox Propaganda.”

Kellie Doucet blamed “angry people out there who feel marginalized” making Trump “their champion.”

Keith Devlin thinks better K-12 education would result in less Trump supporters.

One Twitter user lamented “Yet SO MANY immigrants support Trump. I just don’t understand it.”

Patti Calvert wrote “Deep down they know but they don’t care as long as they think they’re hurting “the libs.” Their hatred for us is stronger than their love for our country. That is tragic.”

Trump supporter Peter Lavigna blasted back “Actually, we’re enjoying this era of peace and prosperity. Five more years to go, too!:

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