George Takei Calls Coronavirus “Trump Virus” pushing back on term “Chinese Virus”

In an apparent effort to push back on Trump’s use of the term “Chinese virus” taking to Twitter, actor George Takei attempted to re-brand the coronavirus as the “Trump Virus.”

Takei tweeted:

The coronavirus acts just like Trump. It gains a foothold and builds on ignorance. It grows because people don’t want to listen to science and the experts. It shuts down our borders and cuts us off from each other. And it’s a symbol of our utter lack of preparedness. #TrumpVirus

Takei had earlier tweeted:

We need to rename Covid-19. Trump likes to call it the Chinese Virus. Huh. How about Covid-45?

It’s unclear exactly who Takei is referring to in regards to “the experts” but the WHO was clearly wrong about human-to-human transmission in mid-January.

Appearing on MSNBC, Takei claimed Trump calling the virus a “chinese virus” is  “sending a signal to the haters in his constituency, and there are plenty of them there.”


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