George Takei Argues Trump is the “World’s #1 Bad Guy” Not Soleimani

Actor and anti-Trump activist George Takei took to Twitter to argue that President Trump is the world’s #1 bad guy and not Iranian general Soleimani, who was killed in U.S. airstrikes.

Takei responded to an Op-Ed by CNBC by Jake Novak titled “Op-Ed: America just took out a man many consider the world’s No. 1 bad guy”

George Takei responded:

Actually, that will happen in Nov 2020 by way of our election.

Takei added in a subsequent tweet:

No matter who wins the primaries and eventually the nomination, MOST of us are going to say, “Oh no! They’re the wrong choice. They’ll never beat Trump. Democrats are doomed!”

Practice feeling disappointed now. Then buck up & get behind the winner, and let’s do this together.

Many of Takei’s followers agreed.

Maxxron wrote “Unfortunately, we have become “the bad guy”.”

Another Twitter users praised Takei, writing “You cheeky genius you…”

We have become the Evil Empire.

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