George P. Bush issues statement approving of ouster of Liz Cheney from GOP leadership role

George P. Bush, one of the only Trump supporters in the Bush family tweeted a statement Thursday in support of Liz Cheney being ousted from her GOP leadership role. Rep. Elise Stefanik is now conference chair.

Bush tweeted “Republicans deserve leadership that represents the views of their constituents, not their own personal vendettas. We need leaders in Congress that stand up for conservative Republican ideology, and Liz Cheney is not that leader.”

Bush also shared a meme with a quote of his where he said “So instead of training fire on the President, she really should have been training fire on Biden and that agenda…that’s what you want of your leadership, & unfortunately…she didn’t rise to the challenge.”

Reaction was mixed on Twitter.

Bush angered some who supported Liz Cheney.

One user wrote “Beyond disappointed in you, Commissioner. I cut my teeth in politics working in your uncle’s office and now I don’t even recognize this party. @RepLizCheney is a principled leader. It’s a shame you don’t recognize that and have the courage to stand with her.”

Another wrote “You are dishonoring your family by joining with Trump.”