George Lopez Says Offering to Accept Iran Bounty to Assassinate Trump a “Joke” After Backlash

After major backlash, comedian George Lopez told Fox News that his viral comment offering to accept half the Iran bounty to assassinate Trump was a “joke.”

Lopez made waves after he responded to reports of a $80 million dollar bounty for Donald Trump’s head by responding on Instagram “We’ll do it for half.”

The not-so veiled threat led many to wonder if Secret Service will soon be paying the anti-Trump comedian and actor a visit.

Per FoxNews, according to TheWrap, both the star’s name and “arrest George Lopez” were trending on Twitter Monday morning, as right-wing pundits tweeted their outrage over the comment. Many even called on the 58-year-old comedian to be investigated by the Secret Service over the joke.

However, representatives for Lopez told Fox News that the viral remark was “a joke” when reached for comment.

Despite the backlash on social media, Lopez seems undeterred, as this is not the first time the often hyperbolic comedian has voiced his negative opinions about Trump to his many fans and followers.

He previously used a water bottle to simulate urinating on Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, noted that the president’s kids could be considered “anchor babies,” mocked Trump’s reported $50,000 golf simulator and was charged after he got into a slight physical altercation with a Trump supporter at a Hooters.