George Floyd’s Attorney endorses Kamala’s brother-in-law for AG

In a new Op-Ed for USAToday, George Floyd’s attorney Ben Crump endorses Kamala Harris’ brother in law Tony West for the role of Attorney General of the Biden administration.

Crump writes “We need an unimpeachable attorney general who can repair the bonds of trust between the people and the DOJ, who has a proven track record of civil rights, who has worked with the business community yet is committed to applying justice fairly when they overreach, and who knows the pitfalls in the system for people of color.”

He adds “in my view, there is no one more uniquely qualified for this role given this significant moment in history than Tony West.”

Those betting on PredictIt do not think Crump’s recommendation will come to pass however.

At this time the top 4 most heavily favored picks according to the betting market are Doug Jones, Sally Yates, Xavier Becerra, and Deval Patrick.