George Conway Joins Others Calling for Michael Bloomberg to Buy Fox News

With its popular pro-Trump commentary hosts including Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters, Lou Dobbs and Judge Jeanine, it’s not a surprise Trump’s enemies with the network would be re-hauled or go away.

Now anti-Trump husband of Kellyanne Conway, George Conway is joining others calling for Trump rival and possible 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg to buy Fox News before the impeachment trial.

MSN reports a  former top government ethics lawyer has suggested billionaire Michael Bloomberg should buy Fox News before an impeachment trial for Donald Trump begins.

Richard W Painter, the chief White House ethics lawyer from 2005-2007, said Mr Trump would have “a massive fit” if the conservative news channel was bought from Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corporation.

Mr Painter has joined a number of anti-Trump commentators, including the husband of senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, in supporting the idea of Mr Bloomberg buying the company.

George Conway said on Friday that buying Fox News would be “the greatest thing [Bloomberg] could do for the country”.

Mr Bloomberg, who is the owner of the Bloomberg media company and a former mayor of New York City, has not officially announced a bid for the 2020 presidency but is thought to be seriously considering launching a campaign.

Per Newsweek, as it stands, Fox News, which is a key part of the Fox Corporation, is not currently for sale. The news network separated from 21st Century Fox following the Walt Disney Company’s $71.3 billion merger with the media conglomerate in March, taking control of most of Fox’s entertainment entities. Fox Corporation now operates as a standalone media company with ownership of its broadcast network, and owned-and-operated network affiliates like the Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network and Fox Sports.

Bloomberg shook up the Democratic presidential field after filing paperwork to enter the 2020 presidential primary in Alabama on Friday. The state holds the first submissions deadline, meaning had Bloomberg not submitted the documents within the regulated timeframe, his name wouldn’t be on the ballot for the Alabama primary.

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