George Conway Compares Dems to “NY Yankees” and Trump’s Legal Team to ” the Bad News Bears”

In a tweet getting a lot of attention on Twitter, Kellyanne Conway’s anti-Trump husband George Conway compared Democrat impeachment managers to the “NY Yankees” and the Trump legal team to “The bad news bears.”

George Conway:

If there’s any unfairness in these proceedings, it’s the astounding mismatch between the high skill and preparation of the House managers and the rambling, dissembling, and gaslighting of ’s counsel. It’s like the New York Yankees versus the Bad News Bears.

Conway’s anti-Trump followers agreed.

Diana Yates wrote “100% They are SHREDDING Trump’s lawyers!!!”

Mrs. Betty Bowers replied “Unfoturnely, it’s going to wind up being like the New York Yankees versus the Bad News Bears if the Bad News Bears are also the refs.”

Joe Lockhart replied “that’s an insult to the Bad New Bears.”

All 11 of Chuck Schumer’s proposed impeachment amendments failed Tuesday evening before impeachment rules were passed.

In George Conway’s world, looks like “the Bad News Bears” beat the Yankees this game.