George Conway Calls Trump “The Dumbest,” Predicts GOP Senators Will Turn on Him

Friday evening, George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway tweeted that he believes Trump is “Without a doubt, the dumbest and worst” President.

Earlier in the week, Conway predicted GOP Senators would turn against President Trump and vote to impeach him if the Democrat-led House votes to impeach.

Newsweek reports George Conway, the husband of Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, on Wednesday predicted that Senate Republicans will turn on President Donald Trump if the Democratic-led House votes to impeach.

Political commentator Tony Schwartz first made the prediction after noting that oddsmakers are saying GOP senators won’t break with the president.

“Oddsmakers say Trump Republicans senators won’t vote to impeach Trump. I believe all bets are off. Most Republican senators privately hate him & his power over them,” he tweeted. “If they believe, by banding together, they can push him out, I think there is a very reasonable chance they will.”

In response, Conway backed the assessment.

“There may be Republican senators who won’t say a word until the moment they say ‘guilty’ when the roll is called at the end of an impeachment trial,” he tweeted.

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