Gallup: Trump Approval Up 6% From Impeachment, Higher than Obama’s at Same Point in Presidency

President Trump’s approval rating has surged 6 point since Democrats impeachment inquiry began according to a new Gallup poll.

Incredibly, at 45%, Trump’s approval puts him higher than ex-President Obama’s during the same time of their Presidency as Obama was at 42%.

Mediaite reports a Gallup poll published on Wednesday placed President Donald Trump’s approval rating at 45 percent– just one point off of his all-time high approval rating.

Using data taken from December 2 to December 15, the poll showed considerable support for President Trump and a drop in support for impeachment.

“46% support impeachment and removal, down six percentage points from the first reading after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry,” Gallup revealed. “Meanwhile, 51% oppose impeachment and removal — up five percentage points over the same period.”

In comparison, a Gallup poll from December 19 2011 showed former President Barack Obama’s approval rating to be 43 percent– two percent less than President Trump’s.

“Approval of the president’s performance remains high among Republicans (89%) and low among Democrats (8%). Less than half of political independents approve, but the current 42% is up from 34% at the start of the impeachment hearings and matches their highest rating of Trump so far,” Gallup explained.

“Trump’s latest job rating is on the high end of the relatively tight range of 35% to 46% approval he has received since taking office, and marks the fifth time he has reached 45% or higher during his presidency.”