Gallup: Sports Industry Favorability Nosedives Amid “Woke” Messaging Push

According to new data from Gallup, the favorability of the sports industry has taken a major dive.

In 2019, the sports industry had a net +20 positive image with 45% viewing it positively and 25% negatively.

This has collapsed to a net -10 negative image with only 30% viewing the industry positively versus 40% viewing it negatively.

This comes alongside a new focus with professional sports choosing to blend in messages on social justice and racial justice with their programming.

The collapse is especially pronounced with Republicans, who went from a +11 positive favorability in 2019 to a dismal -35 negative rating today.

Independents also saw a major shift, from +26 positive to -10 negative in the same time period.

In addition, a major shift occurred with Women, who went from a +21 positive to a -13 negative rating.