Gallup Poll: Romney Now More Popular with Dems than Republicans

After being the only Republican to vote with Democrats to convict President Trump, Utah Senator Mitt Romney is more popular with Democrats than Republicans according to a new Gallup poll.

According to Gallup:

Romney Now Viewed Favorably by More Democrats Than Republicans

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney was the sole Republican to break with his party and vote to convict Trump on one of the two charges in the Senate impeachment trial. Although Romney’s 39% favorability among U.S. adults is unchanged from a year ago, he is currently viewed more favorably among Democrats than he is among Republicans, a reversal of previous readings.

A 56% majority of Democrats but just 23% of Republicans now hold favorable views of Romney. Compared with Gallup’s prior reading of Romney in February 2019, his favorable rating is up 19 points among Democrats and down 22 points among Republicans.

Romney’s decision last week to back the Republicans’ investigation of Hunter Biden’s actions in Ukraine could quickly temper Democrats’ opinion of him.