Gaetz says he plans to challenge electoral college votes January 6th

Appearing at the Turning Point USA’s young conservatives conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida said he will challenge electoral college votes January 6th.

Gaetz said “so on January 6, I’m joining with the fighters in the Congress and we are going to object to electors from states that didn’t run clean elections.”

“I had a chance to speak to coach Tuberville just moments ago and he says we are done running plays from the establishment’s losing playbook and it’s time to fight,” Gaetz explained “Now coach Tubervillve went for it a lot on fourth down when he was coaching at Auburn. They called him the Mississippi riverboat gambler.”

“The odds may be tough, it may be fourth and long but we’re going for it on January 6,” he added.

Gaetz also floated himself as Attorney General Barr’s replacement, saying “so I figure, in the next term of Donald Trump, whether that’s in 2021 or 2025, maybe he ought to pick me to be the attorney general and for whatever reason he doesn’t run, maybe I ought to pick the attorney general. I would go easy on marijuana, tough on Big Tech, and I would go after the ‘deep state.'”