Franklin Graham Rips Super Bowl Halftime Show as “Showing Young Girls that Sexual Exploitation of Women is Okay”

Christian leader Franklin Graham has issues a statement expressing his disappointment in the Super Bowl halftime show.

Graham writes:

I don’t expect the world to act like the church, but our country has had a sense of moral decency on prime time television in order to protect children.

We see that disappearing before our eyes. It was demonstrated tonight in the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show—with millions of children watching.

This exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay. With the exploitation of women on the rise worldwide, instead of lowering the standard, we as a society should be raising it.

I’m disappointed in Pepsi and the NFL.


Per TCO, with Jennifer Lopez sliding down a stripper pole, booty shaking in skimpy outfits, and leather clad dancers, some are criticizing the Super Bowl 54 halftime show as too sexually provocative for what is supposed to be an all ages “family friendly” event.

USAToday reports Jennifer Lopez and Shakira had social media buzzing Sunday night.

During Sunday’s Pepsi Super Bowl LIV halftime show in Miami Gardens, Florida, the two stars delivered a set complete with pole-dancing, a children’s choir and a meme-able tongue moment.

Online, the performance sparked debate: Was it empowering to watch two women of color over 40 performing in a provocative way? Or had we reverted back to a pre-#MeToo moment of objectifying women?

“The @SuperBowl halftime show was just a bad strip show,” tweeted @AUBeard. “We have had so much positive discussion about not treating women like sexual objects, then they go & do this. You can’t cry that women need to be treated better then support this display of sexual objectifying”

“I’m no prude, but watching it with my 7yo daughter and 11yo son was really uncomfortable,” @JLMezz wrote.

User @kevindelong added: “I am embarrassed for my kids to watch this halftime show… what the hell,” he wrote. “Stripper poles, crotch, and rear end shots…. no dignity. #SuperBowl #HalftimeShow shame on you Jennifer Lopez & Shakira”