Franklin Graham reacts to Harvard naming an atheist their head chaplain

Moments ago, Christian leader Franklin Graham reacts to Harvard naming an atheist as their head chaplain.

Graham wrote “Why would @Harvard —or any other university—hire a head chaplain who doesn’t even believe in God?”.

@GregMEpstein said, “We don’t look to a god for answers. We are each other’s answers.” That won’t work. God has the answers every human heart is looking for. I’m thankful He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins. That’s the hope chaplains should be sharing.

Per the NY Post “Harvard’s liberal values and desire to prioritize engagement over tradition make Epstein a great fit for the job, many insiders feel. Indeed, his election was unanimous.”

Margit Hammerstrom, Harvard’s Christian Science chaplain, told the Times “Maybe in a more conservative university climate there might be a question like ‘What the heck are they doing at Harvard, having a humanist be the president of the chaplains? But in this environment it works. Greg is known for wanting to keep lines of communication open between different faiths.”