Franklin Graham accuses Dems of wanting to drag out shutdown to weaken economy, defeat Trump

Christian Leader Franklin Graham sounded off Friday in a series of tweets.

Graham wrote:

It was encouraging to hear @POTUS Trump announce guidelines for opening up America again. We thank God that it looks like we are past the peak of the infection rate. We’ve got to get our country up & running before the economy & people’s lives are damaged more. 1/3

I definitely agree that we all need to take precautions, wear masks, wash our hands, etc.; however, we also have to learn how to conduct business & keep production going during a pandemic. 2/3

In listening to Democratic politicians & liberal media, it seems they’d like to see this shut-down drag out & further weaken the economy—not to save lives—but to try to use this to defeat @realDonaldTrump in the election. Pray for the President, that God will give Him wisdom. 3/3

Graham also tweeted the following video, writing:

I shared on the @EricMetaxas Show that it’s important for us as Christians to stand for what we believe and not back down.


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