Frank Luntz admits election results are “devastating” for the polling profession

Pollster Frank Luntz made it clear he believes the 2020 election results, which once again completely defied most mainstream polling, could signal the end of his industry.

Luntz told Axios “the political polling profession is done.”

“It is devastating for my industry,” he added.

Per The Wrap “Wednesday morning, votes were not yet fully counted in a handful of key battleground states and there was no indication whether incumbent Republican President Donald Trump would win re-election or if Democratic nominee Joe Biden would prevail.

The polls leading up to Tuesday’s election did not predict that. Most predicted a Democratic blowout. Biden was ahead by double digits in some swing state polls that are now showing a much tighter race between the two candidates.”

As one example of many humiliating mainstream polling misses, a late October ABC News/Washington Post poll has Biden leading Trump in Wisconsin by the stunning margin of 17.

The poll had 57% support Biden compared to 40% for Trump. The miss was 16% as the final margin was under 1% and within recount territory.