Founder of “Save Women’s Sports” accuses Biden admin of “erasing the borders” of biological sex

In a new interview with the Washington Examiner, Beth Stelzer, founder of “Save Women’s Sports” argues the Biden administration is “basically erasing the borders of what biological sex is” with its interpretation of Title IX.

“I thought, certainly more women should speak or be speaking out,” Stelzer, a former powerlifter said while discussing her organization she says was meant to “help elevate women’s voices in this fight to help keep women’s sports for only biological females and so, not even 50 years, we have been trying to get equality, and now we’re erasing that.”

“There’s so many, and they’re immutable,” Stelzer said of the physiological differences between athletes born male and female. “We can look at bone structure. Our bone lengths are different. So are arms and legs, and then the angle in which they go into the hips [is different] as women are child birthing. Hand and feet sizes are different.”

“Women have to deal with pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, and that’s a reality that males will never have to face, and it is a big hurdle sometimes for female athletes,” continued.

“Lowering testosterone level does not make a woman. Women are not a hormone level,” she added.