Former Olympian blasts inclusion of Transgender weightlifter in Women’s Olympic Team

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies blasted the inclusion of transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard on the New Zealand women’s weightlifting team.

Davies tweeted “We have men &women’s separate competition 4a BIG reason, biology in sport matters. Separate categories give females equal opportunities of sporting success, the average age of a female Olympic weight lifter is 23. Laurel Hubbard is 43. 30% unfair advantage! Sex not gender 4Sport”

One Twitter user replied “This makes no sense. Would we allow Mike Tyson to compete as a female HW boxer, if he reduced his testosterone for 12 months?”

Another Twitter user wrote “I agree that when it comes to sport unfortunately this provides an unfair advantage. A chosen unfair advantage. To illustrate this, how many transmen compete against CIS men in sport, of course the answer is none as the advantage only works one way.

Another wrote “Totally agree. Why is it so controversial now just to speak the truth. People train all their lives for the dream of Olympic gold, do it should at least be a level playing field. This isn’t a sleight on anyone it’s just the cold truth. The line must be drawn”

“Shame on the New Zealand Olympic Committee. It will be fascinating to hear the BBC commentary on this event!”

“It’s a slap to the face of every woman who trains to get to the top where the benefits are great. If a female was caught juicing, she’d be banned. Swap a syringe for testicles and it’s great though.”