Former NYPD Commissioner calls for DOJ to “go after” BLM and Antifa to “put an end to this”

Appearing on “Fox and Friends” former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik called for the DOJ to “go after Black Lives Matter, after Antifa and put an end to this.”

Kerik argued the anti-police movement is spiraling out of control and city and state officials are failing to enforce law and order.

“Every one of them are responsible for allowing this stuff to happen,” Kerik said.

“Blocking vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic is a crime. Resisting arrest is a crime. Obstructing justice is a crime. Assault on cops is a crime. Every single person on that bridge should have been arrested. Period.” he added.

Kerik also advocated educating the American Public on the reality of BLM.

“They have no conception of what the organization stands for.” Kerik said.

“They have no conception of who the leaders are, how they were inspired, what they believe. They have no idea. So the bottom line is you have to educate the American public on what reality is,” he continued.

“This is an anti-government, anti-police Marxist movement that people are supporting because they’re ignorant,” Kerick added.