Former NY Police Commissioner Wants Antifa Classified as a Domestic Terror Group

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik is calling for Democrat group ANTIFA to be designated a terror group.

Kerik’s call comes after the violent group attacked several people, including a gay Asian journalist in Portland, sending him to the hospital with brain bleeding.

The Hill reported that Andy Ngo is calling for the mayor to address policing policies in the city surrounding protests.

“How many more people have to be beaten and attacked in the city of Portland before things change?” conservative journalist Andy Ngo told CNN on Tuesday.

“I am by far not the first one. There’s been many other incidents that have happened since 2016 and the policing has remained the same, which is a policy of not engaging with militant protestors.”

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OANN reporter Jack Posobiec is working on a list of journalists who are actively working with the violent group.

Kerik is also “appalled” at the Portland Police Department for not being more “active, preemptive and reactive” to Antifa protests.

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From Fox News

A former New York City police commissioner said Wednesday that he wants to see Antifa categorized as a domestic terror organization after its members brutally beat a conservative journalist covering a protest in Portland, Ore., last week.

Andy Ngo, a reporter for the conservative-leaning publication Quillette, was attacked by members of the anti-fascism group Antifa on Saturday when far-left antifascists clashed with far-right Proud Boys.

“This is an extremely violent group that goes out, threatens, intimidates, attacks with extreme violence for political reasons,” Bernard “Bernie” Kerik, former NYPD commissioner, said on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight this week. Kerik started an anti-terror task force under Mayor Giuliani’s administration, and Giuliani now represents President Trump.

“I think they should be designated as a terror group, a domestic terror group,” Kerik told anchor Brian Kilmeade, who was filling in for Tucker Carlson. Kerik equated Antifa to radical left militant organizations in the 60s, 70s and 80s like the Black Liberation army, the Black Panther Party and Weather Underground.

Ngo posted images of the aftermath on Twitter — showing cuts and bruises on his face. Some reports said he was hospitalized for a “bleeding braining” following the alleged attack. He said attackers also stole his camera equipment.

Kerik also said he was “appalled” at the Portland Police Department for not being more “active, preemptive and reactive” to Antifa gatherings in the city. He said he knows from his experience as police commissioner that the department knows in advance where protests will be held and roughly how many people will be there.

“I can tell you under Rudy Giuliani back when I was police commissioner, this would be absolutely all hands on deck to make sure this didn’t happen,” he said. Kerik went on to say that attacks in which journalists are “severely beaten, not just smacked around” seem to be growing in states with Democratic governors and cities with Democratic mayors.

“They knock people off the air, off of social media these conservative just for a comment,” Kerik said of bias toward conservatives. “I watched these beat downs, dozens of different videos on anti-conservative sites over the last four or five days. Just outrageous,” he said.