Former NH Governor Speculates Hillary May Be Angling for VP

While Hillary Clinton is not currently on top of the PredictIt betting market on who will be the Democratic vice presidential nomination, two prominent conservatives speculate Clinton could be angling for the role

Per BPR, former governor of New Hampshire John Sununu believes there is more to Hillary Clinton’s actions than meet the eye.

The former White House Chief of Staff to President George H. W. Bush spoke about Clinton’s recent attack of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, telling Fox News that he thinks she is “angling to be the vice presidential nominee.”

Sununu’s suggestion echoed a theory actor James Woods has been pressing for days following the resurgence of former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign leading into last week’s Super Tuesday.

“I think as almost everything the Clintons do, there is a bigger purpose behind what’s going on,” Sununu said on “America’s Newsroom” Monday.

“I think she is actually angling to be the vice presidential nominee hoping the party will understand that if Biden is the nominee, they have to have a backup there that the public has confidence in,” he explained.

Clinton has not formally endorsed any Democratic presidential candidate though she recently gushed over Biden during a “Tonight Show” appearance, saying that she has known him “a really long time,” and that he is a “deeply decent person” who “doesn’t take cheap shots at people.”

The failed Democratic nominee also doubled down on her previous comments about Sanders, calling his presidential campaign “baloney” and labeling her former 2016 primary rival a “career politician.” She repeated her narrative in a recent interview with CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS.”

“This all had a purpose,” Sununu remarked. “The purpose was to reinforce Biden getting the nomination. If that fails, [the purpose was] to reinforce the fact she would be the better alternative, not Bernie. And then, to reinforce the fact that if Biden does get the nomination, she would add to the ticket more than anyone else.”

He added that it is “all structured around the Clinton agenda, not the agenda of the Democratic Party,” contending that the former secretary of state is “counting on” Biden to continue making his infamous gaffes and to turn out weak debate performances against Sanders.

“There is still a long time for public debate between Biden and Sanders,” Sununu said.

“And if Biden begins to fall apart even more than he has fallen apart with his gaffes to date, the party is desperately going to be looking for a third alternative and that’s what she is counting on — either being the alternative at the top of the ticket or being the alternative as number two,” he said.

Outspoken conservative James Woods also suggested Clinton has something up her sleeve, presenting what was seen as an eyebrow-raising theory just days ago on Clinton becoming Biden’s running mate.

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