Former NFL Player Shares Meme Calling Trump Supporters “Billionaires and Idiots”

Former Tennessee Titans NFL player Albert Haynesworth deleted an Instagram post suggesting Iran attack the White House.

However, he still has a meme up calling Trump supporters either “Billionaires” or “Idiots.”

Haynesworth adds:


Also included in this meme is MILLIONAIRES 😆😆😆Here’s another meme @knoxvillephoto @govolsxtra it’s funny how you try to use my name and Memes to help you sell papers. No wonder your newspaper is declining because you guys are trash😂😂😂😂

Per Tennessean, after posting a series of political memes on Facebook and Instagram over the weekend, the former University of Tennessee and Tennessee Titans player received hundreds of angry comments on every post.

One meme, which suggested that Iran target the White House as tensions between the two countries escalate, caught the attention of Knox News and several other outlets.

The now-deleted post was a picture of the White House circled in red. Haynesworth captioned the photo, “@Iran if you are going to attack the United States well here is a picture for you! #justtryingtohelp us folks that aren’t starting wars.”

In another blast of memes on Monday, Haynesworth criticized Knox News and explained why he deleted the controversial post.

After his series of political posts this weekend, though, some are questioning if his views will affect his chances of getting a kidney.

Haynesworth’s posts were made as tensions with Iran escalate. President Trump said that if Iran responds to America’s killing of an Iranian military leader with any attacks on U.S. interests, Trump would hit Iranian targets, including cultural sites, “very fast and very hard.”

Haynesworth’s posts suggest that Iran should target the White House.

Many were quick to criticize Haynesworth, who spent seven seasons with the Titans during his 10-year NFL career. He retired in 2011.

A user named Atlas Hampton commented, “I thought he was better than this…… But he is acting just like the rest! But when he was really sick and everyone supported him what if we all wished he was dead he wouldn’t like it but he’s saying (expletive) it kill them all in the Whitehouse!”