Former NFL player at RNC “I’m also a lifelong Democrat, but I support Donald Trump”

During his RNC Speech last night, Jack Brewer introduced himself as “a former three-time NFL team captain, college professor, coach, husband, son, and father.”

Brewer then explained “I’m also a lifelong Democrat, but I support Donald Trump. I didn’t come here for the popularity or the praise. I’m here as a servant to God, a servant to the people of our nation and a servant to our president.”

During his speech, Brewer pleaded with those turned off by Trump’s personality to think beyond it.

Brewer said “at some point, for the sake of our children, the policies must take priority over the personalities,”

He continued “So because you have an issue with President Trump’s tone, you’re going to allow Biden and Harris to deny our underserved black and brown children school choice?”

“Are we so offended by the president’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ that we’re going to ignore that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have collectively been responsible for locking up countless black men for non-violent crimes?” He added.