Former MLB Player Says He’s Banned from Championship Reunion for Pro-Trump Tweets

Former MLB player Aubrey Huff, who played on the San Francisco Giants, says he has been banned from the reunion of the 2010 Word series team because of his pro-Trump tweets.

Fox News reports former MLB player Aubrey Huff shared his take Saturday night on why his former team, the San Francisco Giants, snubbed him from a reunion of their 2010 World Series team, being planned for this coming baseball season.

Huff said on “Watters’ World” that his social media posts supporting President Trump likely prompted the Giants’ decision.

“If you look at my Twitter account, I’d say about 75 percent of my support [is for] President Trump,” Huff told host Jesse Watters. “So, yeah, absolutely. I have every reason to believe in my heart of hearts it was all about President Trump.”

Huff said there were no complaints about his Twitter posts until the reunion was being planned.

“A lot was said that it was my Twitter account. But listen, nobody was complaining how I was a guy in the locker that kept it loose,” Huff said. “That kind of sense of humor I have on Twitter was the exact sense of humor that the media love, the fans love, the front office loved. And I just brought it to Twitter and now it’s unacceptable.”

Huff said he spoke to Giants CEO Larry Baer about why he wasn’t invited to the ceremony.

“He was very vague and said it was basically the entire Twitter in general,” Huff said. “And, you know, it’s really upsetting. He said it was a unanimous board decision. I find it ironic because that entire board got one of these, Jesse.” (Huff flashed one of his World Series rings.)