Former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent calls decision to move All-Star Game “a serious mistake”

Former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent is speaking out against the organization’s decision to move their All-Star game in solidarity with Democrats and calling it a “serious mistake.”

In a WSJ Op-ED, Vincent says “Major League Baseball decided last week to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta after the Georgia Legislature passed changes to the state’s voting laws that many, including President (Joe) Biden, called racist.”

“Activists urged Commissioner Robert Manfred to punish Georgia. By rushing to do so without first protesting the substance of the law, Mr. Manfred made a serious mistake,” he continued.

“Organizations like Major League Baseball have sometimes participated in public debates over policy. Moving directly to an economic sanction suggests that Mr. Manfred believed the Georgia law required drastic intervention. But consider what he didn’t do: He didn’t limit the number of home games the Atlanta Braves will play. He’d need the approval of the players’ union to do that, and Braves owner John Malone would surely resist. To move the site of the All-Star Game is one thing; to ignore union and ownership powers is quite another. Vincent added.