Former ICE Director: Trump’s increased border security has saved lives

By Tom Homan | Fox News

Thomas Homan, the former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), joined Fox News Channel as a contributor in August 2018.

President Trump has achieved great success improving the security of our southern border, but hasn’t received the credit he deserves for doing so.

Unfortunately, congressional Democrats are so blinded by their hatred of the president that they criticize and oppose whatever he does, no matter how successful. But in truth, the president deserves the gratitude of every American for how he has dealt with the border crisis.

Democratic congressional leaders said there were “no caravans” of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. and claimed this was a “manufactured crisis.” But the world soon saw what President Trump was talking about – a humanitarian crisis that turned into a national security crisis.

Democratic leaders only became interested in dealing with the crisis when the conditions of detention worsened due to the large number of migrants who we were legally required to detain.

Until then, warnings by the president, the heads of the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection, and me were ignored. In our warnings, we pointed out weaknesses in our border security and identified how they could be addressed to prevent the illegal immigration crisis.

For example, we said increased funding for the Department of Health and Human Services was needed to ensure that more housing was available for unaccompanied children entering our country illegally. We said more funding was needed for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to create housing for illegal immigrant families.

Had these funds been provided, overcrowded conditions in detention facilities that Democratic lawmakers complained about would not have arisen. It was simple math, but these politicians would not assist President Trump because of their desire to see him fail, which blinded all common sense.

When a smaller surge of illegal immigrants took place in the 2015 fiscal year – when President Barack Obama was in office – Congress was quick to provide funding. Lawmakers funded the expansion of family detention from 100 beds to over 3,000.

The increased funding resulted in families being housed in residential centers that were designed for vulnerable populations. Medical, dental and mental health treatment for those who needed it was provided, along with schooling.

During the Obama administration, Congress also provided funding for Border Patrol holding facilities that were constructed before Donald Trump was even elected president. That’s right, the so-called cages – which I don’t consider cages – were constructed during that time.

Congress also funded increased detention for single adults and provided money to house children in licensed child care facilities. These children came to the U.S. unaccompanied by adults because parents hired a criminal organization to smuggle their kids into the U.S.

But the support of congressional Democrats for needed housing for illegal immigrants and other border security funding evaporated once Donald Trump moved into the White House.

Instead of working with the president and career federal law enforcement officers tasked with enforcing and carrying out the immigration laws and policies approved by Congress, congressional Democrats worked against them.

In addition to refusing to provide adequate funding to deal with immigrants entering the U.S. illegally, Democrats refused to fund a border wall needed to reduce the illegal immigrant flow.

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