Former ICE Director Praises Trump’s Choice for New Head of DHS

According to Thomas Homan, the former ICE Director under President Trump, recently appointed DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan is the right person for the job.

McAleenan became the new acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary following the Sunday resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen, and quickly received praise from Homan, who said he has a keen understanding of “border issues” and can “think outside the box.”

“Kevin will put his foot on the gas,” added Homan, who stressed the importance of the ongoing crisis at the US-Mexico border, which he said is the country’s “biggest issue right now.”

From The Daily Caller:

A former Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director says the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary will “think outside the box” when he deals with the border crisis.

Thomas Homan had high praise for Kevin McAleenan, who became acting DHS secretary with the surprise resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen Sunday afternoon. McAleenan, who been widely quoted in the media over the past two weeks for saying the border crisis is at a “breaking point,” also “knows the border issues,” Homan told Fox News on Sunday.

Until his latest appointment, McAleenan has been the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) commissioner and has “been around DC for a dozen years,” according to Homan.

“He knows border issues, and he can hit the ground running,” Homan told “Fox Report.” “He knows the border … he will start day one.”

Homan who said the border crisis is “the biggest issue right now” insisted McAleenan is the right man for the current circumstances. “He will think outside the box. Kevin will put his foot on the gas.”Nielsen’s resignation came after she made numerous media appearances talking about the border crisis as well trips to the southern border to visit with the embattled CBP officers.

As Homan noted, McAleenan is not perceived by members of Congress as a partisan figure but a loyal employee of the CBP with a long and distinguished record.

Homan said Congressional inaction and broad legal loopholes for potential refugees are the source of the border crisis: “We are enticing people to come.”