Former ICE Director: Dems Making Promises to Illegals Guarantee Trump 2020 Win

According to former acting ICE Director Tom Homan, Democrats making promises to illegals will lead President Trump to reelection victory.

Speaking with Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart, 2020 candidate Joe Biden promised illegals access to healthcare.


Fox News reports 2020 Democrats making promises to illegal immigrants are “guaranteeing” President Trump’s re-election in 2020, former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said Saturday.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends: Weekend” with hosts Ed Henry, Pete Hegseth and Emily Compagno, Homan encouraged Democrats to continue their pro-illegal immigrant rhetoric.

“I hope they keep talking like this,” he said. “Because they’re guaranteeing a Trump win in 2020.”

“When I talk about Medicare-for-all, that includes undocumented people as well,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt,, said at a rally in California on Friday. “Public colleges and universities tuition-free — that includes, as I said earlier, undocumented young people.”