Former ethics chief fumes over Cruz’s warning to “Woke” CEOs, says “this may be the most openly corrupt thing any Senator has said”

Former ethics chief Walter Schaub expressed outrage over Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s warning to “Woke” CEOs.

In his WSJ Op-Ed, Cruz writes:

This time, we won’t look the other way on Coca-Cola’s $12 billion in back taxes owed. This time, when Major League Baseball lobbies to preserve its multibillion-dollar antitrust exception, we’ll say no thank you. This time, when Boeing asks for billions in corporate welfare, we’ll simply let the Export-Import Bank expire.

For too long, woke CEOs have been fair-weather friends to the Republican Party: They like us until the left’s digital pitchforks come out. Then they run away. Or they mouth off on legislation they don’t understand—and hurt the reputations of patriotic leaders protecting our elections and expanding the right to vote. Enough is enough. Corporations that flagrantly misrepresent efforts to protect our elections need to be called out, singled out and cut off.

Schaub tweeted “this may be the most openly corrupt thing any Senator has said. It’s the part everyone knows: these crooks sell access. Others have the sense not to admit it. This is why our republic is broken.”

“Immoral politicians selling power we’ve entrusted to them like it’s theirs to sell,” he added.