Former DNC Chair Tom Perez says he’s “seriously considering a run for governor in Maryland”

Former DNC Chair Tom Perez told the NY Times he’s “seriously considering a run for governor in Maryland.”

“We need a governor who can really build strong relationships with the Biden administration, will build strong relationships with every one of the jurisdictions in Maryland,” Perez said.

According to the NY Times, Perez “oversaw the rebuilding of the party apparatus from an indebted hollowed-out mess,” while DNC chair from 2017 until earlier this year.

The report added he more than doubled the staff from when he took over.

The current governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan is a Republican but an outspoken critic of former President Trump.

According to Axios when Perez was asked his opinion on Hogan’s tenure “Perez praised him for criticizing former President Trump, but lambasted his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.”