Former Dem Candidate Goes on Tweet Storm About Hating “White People”

Denver Democrat and former congressional candidate Saira Roa went on a Twitter rampage, attacking America and white people, before deactivating her Twitter account.

The Hillary-supporting former congressional candidate has a long history of making hateful and racist comments.

The Denver Post reported on her previous statements.

“Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins?” Or, for that matter, “it must be so boring to be white.”

But what kind of adult reacts to individual bigots and nasty critics with wholesale racial broadsides, however sarcastic, over and over again? As someone who attended Harvard Law School and has written for a number of prestigious publications, Jeong — who is of Asian descent — hasn’t exactly spent her life trapped with clones of Bull Connor.

“Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men,”  she once tweeted. Funny, huh? Or maybe truly kind of sick.

By comparison, Rao’s output of racial broadsides is rather slim, but still striking. A week after garnering 32 percent of the vote in June’s 1st District Democratic primary against incumbent Rep. Diana DeGette, Rao tweeted a link to an op-ed piece titled “Should I Give Up on White People?” with her conclusion: “Short and long answer: YES.”

Prior to deactivating her Twitter, Rao had written this series of tweets.

From Daily Caller 

A former Democratic congressional candidate attacked white people and the American flag in a series of angry tweets Sunday.

Saira Rao, who ran for Congress in Colorado’s first district last year, blamed white people for making her life “miserable,” and said that she can’t stand the sight of the American flag.

Rao was supported by far-left political action committee (PAC) Justice Democrats during her campaign last year but was easily defeated in the Democratic primary by long-term incumbent Diana DeGette, a white woman.

After her primary defeat, Rao said that she was ready to “give up” on white people, blaming them for her loss. Before her loss, Rao also wrote an open letter to the Democratic party in the Huffington Post, ripping them for not doing enough to combat racism.

“You’ve taken my love, my money, my tokenism, with nary anything in return,” she said. “You continue to call angry white men who commit mass murder ‘lone wolves.’ But if someone who looks like me screams ‘Allah’ and fires a gun, it’s “terrorism.”

Rao recently founded a club called “Race To Dinner,” where she invites white women throughout the country to join private dinners in order to “bear witness” to the pain of “Black and Brown” women.