Former Clinton press secretary claims Trump SCOTUS pick would be “illegitimate” if confirmed

Former Clinton national press secretary Brian Fallon made the argument on Twitter that a Trump SCOTUS pick to replace Justice Ginsburg would be “fundamentally illegitimate.”

Fallon wrote “Any Supreme Court with a Trump justice confirmed to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat at this point in the calendar would be fundamentally illegitimate, and Democrats must be prepared to act accordingly.”

In a separate tweet he added:

1. Oppose Trump’s nominee prior to the election, invoking the GOP’s own rule from 2016.
2. Defeat Trump on Nov 3
3. Keep seat open until Biden takes office
4. If GOP rams Trump pick thru anyway, add seats to the Court

This is the play. There is no other play.

On election day 2016, Fallon was interviewed on CBS News on the early election results and was extremely optimistic, even claiming Hillary had apparently built on Obama’s coalition.

Hillary ended up suffering a historic defeat to President Trump by a large electoral vote margin and the rest is history.

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