Former Clinton Advisor Believes Hillary “Probably” Will Still Run, Writes “She Can’t Resist”

In a new Op-Ed for the Western Journal, former Clinton advisor Dick Morris says he believes Hillary will “probably” still run because “she can’t resist.”

Morris argues he believes Hillary is waiting for an “open lane” and Kamala Harris’ withdrawal may help her. Morris believes Hillary’s recent interview answers may be “hiding” her candidacy.

From Western Journal:

But to Hillary, having a running lane all her own is essential to her strategy whenever she runs. She is conscious of the drawbacks of her candidacy and the resistance into which she would run.

So she hides her candidacy within the generic. It isn’t about electing Hillary; it’s about choosing the first woman president. It’s about choosing the most electable Democrat. After all, as she never tires of saying, she got more votes than Trump did, so she knows she can beat him.

Callahan writes:

The strongest indicator yet that Hillary’s mulling a 2020 run? She appeared Wednesday, for the first time ever, on Howard Stern.

There was hardly a pretense she was there to promote the book she co-wrote with daughter Chelsea, long ago a bestseller.

As those who listen to the show know, Stern publicly begged Hillary to appear during the 2016 campaign. After Donald Trump won, Stern said one guest shot could have moved the needle her way.

“If she had come on the show …,” Stern mused in May. “The way I helped Donald was I let him come on and be a personality. Whether you liked him or not … people related to him as a human being.”

Hillary, it’s clear, was after exactly that — relatability, long her white whale.

One can only ask: Why now, if she has no plans to run yet again?

Dick Morris anticipates how Hillary may ultimately justify a late 2020 candidacy.

Wrapped up in the generic, she can say her candidacy is born not of ambition, but from a desire to see a woman elected or to defeat Trump.

You don’t vote on whether Hillary should be president. You vote on whether a woman should be.

In this way, she switches from candidate to advocate and avoids having to sell her cold, vicious, ruthless personality.

Does this mean that she will run? Probably so. She can’t resist what she deeply believes is her God-given mission to be president.

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